High School Teaching Strategies

how to teach high school

Putting High School Teaching Strategies to Work High school teaching strategies assume that you are working with and teaching young adults.  If you have experienced teaching at different levels within a school district, you know that you’ve got to be flexible and change how you present material depending on your… Continue reading

How to be a Great Teacher

how to be a great teacher

Have you ever thought about how to be a great teacher as you walked in to work in the morning?  Are there some common factors among the best teachers.  Let’s take a look at what works AND what doesn’t.  As always, PLEASE leave your comments and ideas at the bottom… Continue reading

Instructional Strategies for Science

teaching science class

Instructional Strategies for Science to Keep Learning Fun Using the right instructional strategies for science can help students to stay interested in science even after elementary school (where it is usually a favorite subject among students).  Science is a subject that is near and dear to me.  When I was… Continue reading

Questioning Techniques for Teachers

questioning strategies

Questioning Techniques for Teachers That Work Today class, we’re exploring Questioning Techniques for Teachers.  Specifically, which methods of questioning work, and which leave students struggling to stay awake or staring out the window looking for cloud animals.  Questioning is one of the best tools you have when you are teaching… Continue reading