Instructional Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Better Reading with Instructional Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Even the best instructional strategies for reading comprehension won’t do a bit of good if you can’t get your students to read.  It all starts with teaching children to have a love of reading. This really starts at home, with the parents before their children ever head off to school, but we don’t have much control over that.  Still, parents will sometimes ask what they can do to help their child as they are learning to read. Below, you’ll find some ideas that can get parents involved with their young readers as well as some thoughts on what you can do to improve overall reading comprehension levels in your classroom.

Teach Comprehension!

More Ideas and Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension

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What is it like to be a struggling reader?

We need students to do more than just say the words when they read. We need them to understand what they are reading. Once you have become a fluent reader, it’s easy to forget what it felt likeunderstand and comprehend what you read to not “get” reading. That’s one reason why it is so important for us to be aware of what reading comprehension difficulties look like in others. When you have solid reading comprehension skills, you are able to not only read, but also understand the text that is in front of you. You generally don’t have to think about decoding text or making connections between new material that you already understand. You also are able to consider the new material you have read on a relatively deep level. For a struggling reader, each of these tasks can be quite daunting, if not impossible. Reading teachers have to have patience as they work with these students. When I think of this situation, it reminds me of learning to ride a bicycle. Once you know how to ride, you just do it, and it seems so simple that you can’t imagine how anyone could struggle with it. When you look more closely however, a good bit of learning went into getting you to the point where you could just coast along without giving your actions a second thought. We’ve got to patiently help students to master their basic reading skills so that they too can get to the point where reading is a source of joy and not a frustrating struggle.

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